Tara Rum Pum….

Oh my what a whirlwind these last two weeks have been.. And of course you know that as well as I do. Since you too, can now perceive and to some extent comprehend all the changes around you.  Technically at 20 weeks you are five months old. And that is quite a milestone. So lets see where things are at with you –

You love smiling at people.. be it your Nani during Facetime or your soon going to be class teacher at the day care.

You have turned from back to tummy. For me that is a HUGE milestone since I was expecting the reverse to come first. But at three months you did turn a few times from tummy to back and so I know you are aware of that possibility. And it is a matter of time that you will be rolling in all directions.

You are very anxious about food. A few more weeks to solids … yay!!

You are so eager to sit and get off your back. I am not surprised and would LOVE to take some credit for that. Get on your feet, get moving, break things, see the world. keep moving.. keep exploring 😀

Now that the report card section of this post is complete… lets us move on to other things.

So I wrapped up my second week at work and it has been FABULOUS! I feel I have arrived. At a company that always had a place for me – it’s just that it took me almost ten years to get there. And oh boy was the ride amazing or what! I would not have it any other way. And here I am enjoying sheer happiness to work somewhere you can truly contribute without being questioned about your “real” intentions.

Now that brings me to a mommy virtue. Enjoy the journey… it is more rewarding than the final destination. But you will only know that once you have arrived. So enjoy each step along the way. That is also how I want to enjoy you.

Parenthood is not to be feared. It is to be enjoyed. And if I fear what will happen when you start crawling or what will happen when you start solids.. then I am missing out on what you are doing today. I am happy to be prepared but not fearful of what is to come. We will dabble along this together and find our way.. As of now we don’t looks so lost 😀

You are going to start day care next week and I am confident you will do just fine. And if you don’t we will always have plan B. So not to worry on that front. 
You also attended your first hawan. I hope I did not exhaust you that day. You seemed fine. But I always worry a little on such days. I need to share with you why we do hawans and how much I love the fragrance of a hawan .. But we will leave that for another day.
It was great to have friends and family bless you on your first hawan 🙂 C&C flew down from San Diego and of course D&D were also here 🙂 
Your mommy missed her mommy and daddy a lot on that day. Like she always does on such events. The fact that just like me you will never meet your Nanu is disheartening. But hopefully every one else will fill in for him. I cannot tell you what you are missing on since he is not around. Coz I did not have a Nanu to enjoy either. 
On to happier things .. I am loving how much time daddy spends with you. You wil share a lovely bond with him . Just like I did with my dad.  
In two weeks Daddy and Mommy will both be back at work and our lil Tara will be on her own. That’s a tough thing to say. But then begins your journey. Of finding yourself. Standing up for what you want and how you want it. And most important developing relations outside your immediate family.
Tara, there is a lot of love to be enjoyed in this world. You just need to know which door to knock on. And remember to forgive. No one is under any obligations to make it all perfect for you. So thank those who try and forgive those who fail. 
Loads of love and hugs

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