Dear Tara,

Today you went to the daycare for the very first time. And you did well. You were there for three hours. Mom and Dad took you to the day care in the morning and once you were settled and busy with your toys and new friends, we left you in the care of people who will hopefully soon become your extended family. I am sure you will have a wonderful time at Learning Links. And I am also sure that in a few weeks I will also get a better handle on my emotions.

Why daycare? You won’t ask me this question up until the time you have your own kids. But you should know that I weighed in a lot of factors in order to reach this decision. I decided to go with one option and see for myself what kind of a child you are and then took my time to reach a firm decision. Of course there were a lot of times when Daddy and I started having second thoughts. But the more I know you, the more convinced I become about our choice of care. A nanny could have given you all the attention in the world. But that is not what you want. You want your space. You have your own little but strong mind. You like having people around you. Yet you quietly escape in your own world. And most of all you are a curious child who loves to tinker with stuff. You contribute to conversations. You like being a part of a gathering. And a quiet home with a Nanny and a lot of toys would not suffice the energy that you radiate. I know you will get sick more often at the day care. But I also know that it will build your immunity. And that I am willing to trade the sick days for a happily curious and socially adept child.

Tara, I am very happy today. And the reason for this happiness is that I can see that you are already making this world a better place. Now you will ask me why I say that..I say that because you will share your smiles with so many people at such a young age. Your smile is infectious. You will bring a lot of joy to your friends, their families and your attendants at the day care.

Good job, lil munchkin. You are already doing your bit. Keep at it!


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