Shifting bases..

I wrap up yet another fulfilling tenure with a very very exciting company this week. For the past many weeks I am trying to swim upstream from a sea of reflective moments, learnings, nostalgic happenstances and warmth of the people who summed up my close to three years at this company.

 After almost seven years in technology consulting, when I moved to Salesforce to pursue what I thought was going to be a normal desk job, I had several fears. I was afraid of the monotony associated with such jobs. I wondered if I was cut out for sitting in one place for years at a stretch. I wondered if having one boss for longer than six months was something I will get used to. Or if working with the same set of people over and over again will bore me out. And I wondered if the job will be challenging enough to tingle my curiosities.

My role at Salesforce addressed all my fears without doubt. The thrill I experienced in my role surpassed that I derived from my consulting gigs. The joy of working with some very competent and the complexities of dealing with some not so competent people (very few) pushed me out of my comfort zone every single day. May be people find such comfort in their first job. But I only found it in my third. I felt in my skin. I was not being someone my manager wanted me to be. I was myself. Giving myself, my energy and applying my skills every single day and sharpening them with each strike. I did not have to dress right to make an impact or hide the truth from any one and put a mask on each day I went to work. I was not someone who was tagged in some resource management tool with a list of skills that she might/might not/could have. I was not to be presented to some client as an expert. I was given the time to become an expert and my expertise did not have to be a technology.

Salesforce gave me wings to fly and I used the opportunity to my best. I carved out my role over time to suit what I wanted to become. And my leadership supported me in every step. My thoughts were heard, my questions answered and my hopes ignited. I was loved and rewarded every single day. I was inspired and looked after even though I was a newbie to a team of veterans. I was encouraged and trusted with tasks of different complexities. I never felt like I was being tried. I was being nurtured.

Salesforce is a fabulous company. I regret not having the opportunity to spend more time building my career amongst such inspiring and respectable leaders. But I have a higher calling to respond to at this point in my life. My lovely daughter, one who needs me more than I need my career aspirations. I want to steal as much time as I can from my life to share with her. And the 52 miles of commute to the beautiful, vibrant and charming city of San Francisco will keep me away from her for far too long. And so as luck might have it, I found something close by. Something I am equally excited about.

To help Google build up its customer service support tools and enable the part of the company that is the face to the end user, is a great opportunity that I hope to enjoy in the coming years. Salesforce was a big company but I never felt lost in the crowd. I fear that might happen to me at Google. It is a much larger company. But at this point I am ok with getting lost in the crowd and being less significant, as long as I can be a good mom to my daughter. The gravity of her love is resulting in some realignments and I am happy with where things are finally taking base.

In the end we are all just nomads shifting bases from time to time to incorporate the new and ever changing world.

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