Sonoma Coast Day #4

Oh we had an adventurous day today! We met five strangers and talked to them about various things, and we helped the local community and artisans 🙂 aka shopping for jams, chutneys, flavored balsamic vinegar, books, and succulents (yes more succulents). The chocolate ganache pie was to die for. And to top it all, it was GF.

Now these little towns are special – just the names of the shops are to chuckle at – sweet life bakery, a donation based bakery that makes what it makes and you can buy as long as it lasts, and pay whatever you think it’s worth. The book shop was called Four Eyed Frog. Simply because the great grand pa who runs it, got a frog as his wedding gift and he thought it was special. The jams and chutneys place was in Point Arena, called Lisa’s Luscious Kitchen. And then there was Red Stella and Accents by the Sea. Tara and I enjoyed the drive and the shopping. And we spent an hour at the nursery buying plants and smelling lavender.

On our way back I asked her what she thought about the stories we heard from our strangers today. And she said, well they all seemed to be nice and friendly. But not all strangers are like that. My wise Tara.

Back at the base we spent more time on foosball and some beer and salsa. Then we made some meatballs and spaghetti for the little one.

An adventurous day of driving to nearby towns, and looking for local treasures has left me drained out. That’s what happens when you spend days at length in the Hammock. Just 40 miles of driving gets to you 😎

Tara and I get to spend so much time together on these vacations. I wish we could do that on a daily basis.

Meanwhile half the year is over. Now we have a month of birthdays, school reopening, Halloween, thanksgiving Diwali and Christmas to go! That’s how I see it anyways.

We were busy shopping and didn’t click an pictures today 😉

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