Sonoma Coast Day #3

A hammock day for Tara and me. We talked about a lot of things. Like how trees communicate with their roots and how they are a family, just like us. About the white butterflies and how high up they fly. About the word “relatively”, and how to use it to compare similar things like the weather in Gualala is relatively cooler than the weather in Hawaii. We also purchased a hammock on Amazon, and we aligned on the color scheme of our patio furniture. Earthy tones with some reds and yellow. We journaled about why we love hammocks and drew them too. We talked about two dimensional and three dimensional views. And we talked about tomorrow’s plans. Most of the shops in the area were closed today. So tomorrow we plan to visit a nursery, a book shop and a bakery shop. I basically spent my day with Tara, while Agam worked in between our foosball matches (ahem tournaments).

On the culinary front the kitchen was slow today. We ate some leftovers and for dinner went to Anchor Bay Thai. The only shop that was open for dinner and that had a wait of 1 hour from the time we ordered to the time food came to our table. The flavors made up for that wait. Delicious and fresh ingredients. Tomorrow I plan to cook a few meals – an English breakfast with baked beans and eggs, meatball and spaghetti with grilled squash. And ….. drink Scrimshaw!!!!!

After dinner we walked to the Fish Rock beach for a sunset stroll. Beautiful views and an interesting walk amongst the long term and short term campers.

I love that Tara gets exposed to the world as it is. And not just the bubble that we live in. She experiences various flavors, customs, and lifestyle choices and she absorbs them with an open heart. I did not travel much as a child. But I surely made up for it in my adulthood. And there is nothing that grows us more than experiences of unique and new places. I’ve experienced growth leaps and I have seen Tara experience them, by means of travel. And that is my hope, as I take this child to corners of the world where not many go. That she grows leaps and bounds to be a human who is capable of loving all, and being with all, in all sorts of environments.

I attended a short meeting for work today. It was an info session on a leadership development program that I’ve been nominated for. It’s an honor. For a looney soul like me these nominations mean so much more than a bonus or a comp raise. I hope I can do it this year. And I hope I do justice to the faith that I’ve been trusted with. It was humbling to listen to the info session and also so good to see some familiar faces in the session. Fingers crossed 🤞

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