Sonoma Coast Day #5

Our day started with this

I was craving a good ghar wala omlette 🙂 and we opened up the cherry preserves from Lisa’a kitchen

And then we ended up here

The Chapel at Sea Ranch. Not affiliated with any diocese. Just a little place of art for meditation. Pretty unique architecture.
The Bluff trail runs from the Trinks Cafe on the North to the Vue Coast Kitchen on the south. A mile of lovely views and a serene love making of the wild ocean and a small river

And then we drove to the Walk On beach in Sea Ranch. A short mile of walking along the bluffs with some leading to stairs that go down to the beach. We were literally the only family hiking this stretch! A private beach experience – voila!
At the Walk On beach, we made our little something for Tara… it’s a beach ritual for the Daddy

And all of that ocean time adds to the flow and the glow! The day ended with a pint each of scrimshaw and Bonita Pizza at the Upper Crust Pizzeria in Gualala!

Growing older by the year, in my stride I feel no fear

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