Exhauscarsm is a thing

I had a pretty cool realization while I was out for a small run this morning. My fix for exhaustion is sarcasm. All my word filters fail. It’s best that I go quiet, which I sometimes do (surprise). Or else, garbage comes out of my mouth. Yep, that not good adulting. But I’d had it this week!

3 launches, 3 parallel escalations, a neck sprain, an eye allergy, 2 wee early mornings, 1 wee late night, 1 sick spouse, 1 iron deficient child, 1 red report card and I was ready to call it the weekend! Add to that the fact that I quit coffee (again) this week. So I was running on tea. And for the most part, Peppermint Rose tea which has no caffeine.

Agam and I both had super hectic week and mid week he fell sick, which made things worse, more for him than me. But phew!

Well we are past that and I was out for a lovely run this beautiful morning. It was hard to inhale all the bacon, pancake, sausage, and coffee smell on my running path. But it was fun all the same. Back to quitting coffee. My chatty brain hasn’t been able to rest ever since we came back from India. I kept thinking it was jetlag. But it was week #3 and yet no respite. I run on good sleep. And since that was being jeopardized, I needed some drastic measures. Like quitting caffeine. And so I started with dropping coffee form the afternoon shift, and slowly dropping it completely. First two days were hard. But I am good now. I know I don’t need it, and I can drink when I want to enjoy the taste. I am sure that was part of the exhaustion too.

On other fronts, Tara and I are doing Project Nemo together. The goal of the project is to build our family photo wall. We had one in Granada, and we never got to making one when we moved to the new place. So we are breaking the project into different tasks and making slow progress over the weekends to get towards our goal. We have a wall picked, and we also know that we want lots of frames and photos. Tara and I plan to pick photos across the three generations and get them printed this weekend. Next weekend we will go look for frames. We have so many, but we want to buy some “quirky ones”. That’s what Tara said. I don’t know if she understands the meaning of quirky..lol. We don’t know why we called the project Nemo. It was her call and we are going with it. Although we are very excited, Daddy thinks I am teaching her project management skills. I’d like to rephrase that to – logical ordering or sequencing of tasks to achieve a goal. Note, we don’t have trix where we are tracking milestones 🙂

It is still pretty cold, but I am craving the ocean. So we plan to drive by this weekend. Living in the bubbles, some imposed and some imagined, makes me forget how miniscule are my worries, as compared to the world at large. I need to be grounded, and there is no better way to grasp that than standing in front of the wild ocean and feel it’s might. And perhaps a cup of tea (not coffee) at Ebbtide Cafe to cap it all 🙂 Sounds like a good date.

Happy long weekend 🙂

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