Happy to be

That feeling when you are so tired that you can collapse, but you keep finding one more thing to wrap up before the day ends. Like writing this little note to myself.

My day started fairy early and I was in the office at 6:05am. It was strange to be there at that time. I secretly wondered how much more work I could get done if I came into work at this time everyday. I observed the activity in the MK- the fruits, cereals and juices were being replenished. So many people play a role in making our life at work so joyful and convenient. So thankful for their efforts.

I met an old colleague for lunch. It was a 20min lunch, but it was so good to catch up with her. After lunch I had a very sweet conversation with a colleague. She mentioned how despite all the upsetting things going on in the world, Google creates this nice little exciting bubble that we are all a part of, where the problems of the outside world don’t impact us as much. We are insulated from that environment.

She is right. And this morning I witnessed the staff that contributes in making that environment. The invisible army. I was so surprised to hear this insight from her. I felt like I was looking at my mirror image. I wish she was in SVL. We’d make pretty good friends.

I love Google for the people that I meet here. It is personally so enriching to meet so many nice people and have the privilege of working with them every day. It is because of those people that despite being physically exhausted, I am still awake, writing about them.

There was another great news today. I’ve been working with someone on their career goals since last quarter and he made a breakthrough today. I love seeing people’s aspirations become reality. So rewarding.

As for me, I gave up on my long term aspirations and I am yet to figure out what I want now. May be I don’t want anything at the moment. I am just happy. And that’s enough.

On that happy note, I am hitting the sack.

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