Super Day

Dear Tara, Today was such a super day. So super that we should write about it. So super that we should try to replicate it.. 🙂

Well first off you slept until 7:30am. Daddy and I were torn about waking you up. But you were so good about it. As soon as Daddy opened the blinds you were up on your fours, smiling away at both of us. Since you slept in.. Mommy too slept in a lil.

Then Daddy and Mommy took turns getting ready and packed you in the car seat and took you to the day care. It was so nice to go together 🙂

Daddy and Mommy had breakfast together after that. Mommy had meetings in Daddy’s campus all day today and so we found a good reason for a morning date 🙂 After breakfast, we also went up to Daddy’s cube. He really does have a view of the bay now.

Mommy spent rest of the day in good company of her team mates. She had some very engaging and productive conversations.

After work, Mommy went to the grocery store and bought some more veggies for you 🙂 And then Daddy picked you up from the day care and brought you home.

Now since you had left almost 2oz of milk from your last bottle, we somehow finished that and got on with our play time.

Mommy made some dal and veggies in parallel and got your chicken puree all prepped up.

You were probably tired of the same taste and so resisted a little. So I added some banana to your chicken and you gobbled it up.. asking for more. Leaving Mommy a lil confused.

We then played a lil more and got you ready for bed.

It is not even 9:00pm and we have wrapped up dinner and our cup of milk.

A lovely productive day that made me feel like a super mommy. Nope.. that is not the goal. But it surely feels good. I feel accomplished.

We are quite a team missy.. you, me and our dear Daddy 😀


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