And then there were just the three of us.. :(

Dear Tara,

 Tomorrow marks a big day for you, me and Dad. Tomorrow we embark on a new journey, sans the presence of our loved ones. Ever since you arrived, there has been a celebratory vibe to the environment at home. Even when Nani left, I was still on leave and Daddy took time off in between to spend time with both of us. What you will experience starting Friday is going to be our reality for the better part of our life together. A new reality.

 I am worried about exposing you to this new reality. But I cannot help with the situation sweetie. If I could, I would. Let’s just say when your Dad and I made a choice ten years ago that we will leave all that’s warm and lovely behind and venture out on our own, we somehow signed you up for the same.
But know that this is our opportunity to create a new warm and lovely – amongst ourselves. And we will focus on that for the rest of our lives.

First it was Nani, and then Dadu Dadi. One day everyone has to go back to their world. Their world beckons them and with teary eyes and heavy hearts they return. And then they get busy in their world their problems, their day to day minutiae. It’s just how all this works.

So what will be new for you… and what are my fears…

  • You will miss the happy sounds of loved ones
  • You will miss their pampering – Dadu’s book reading, his ek do teen chaar.. dus aur bus, his slogans for Tara Devi’s campaigns, his diligence with your Calcaria Phos and how he carried you around the house showing you all the lil details. 
  • You will miss Dadi’s singing, how she puts you to sleep, how she giggles with you and keeps you happy. How she plays with you and puts mustard oil on your nose and the big smile she gives you when you come home. You will miss the eagerness with which she unbuckles your car seat and get you out of it the moment you are home.
  • You will realize that when we come home now, it will just be you and me for some time. And we will have a list of things to get done every day that may seem like a rut for you.
  • We will try not to rush you, but we might end up doing that.
  • You will miss playing with Dadu and Dadi in the morning while Mommy and Daddy get ready for work.
  • We will hit all the items on the checklist. But will we do it with the ease of pace at which we do it now? I don’t know for sure.
  • We will play with you when you are home and on the weekends. But we will also have to take turns for chores and other stuff around the house.
  • You will miss saying good night to Dadu and Dadi and also seeing them in the morning. You will miss the energy in the house that only grand parents can bring.
  • You will miss having them sit next to you in the car when we go out.
  • You will miss how everyone loves to sit around you as you play and crawl and do your silly things. You will miss having the audience for your singing sessions.
I know I cannot do much about any of these. But I will do what I can. And that is to spend as much time with you as I can and never let you feel lonely. 
You will part of everything we do. Be it cleaning the house or doing laundry or cooking. I will try to keep you occupied with new challenges, new goals and new silly stories of Ella and Laffy. 
And I will make a family tree. Every night we will say good night to our family. And in the morning we will wish everyone a beautiful day and start off with one of Dadu’s poems (action item is for him to keep the collection rich and current). And on the weekends we will play Dadu-Dadi’s Youtube playlist of all Tara’s favorite songs and learn to sing along with them 🙂
Wish us luck Tara!
(mix of incoherent thoughts – crowded mind – teary eyes and lots of love)

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