sleep it out…!

Oh Dear Tara,

 I wish you did not fight sleep so much. And the sad part is that you won’t know the value of sleep up until you are in high school or may be even college. Sleep is the single most precious thing that most adults cannot have enough of. You are so lucky you can sleep any time all day and that the day wraps up for you by 7:30-8. I wish I could sleep that much. Oh Tara! How do I make you understand that.

Today Mommy again gave up. After nursing you for so long, Mom gets tired by the end of the day. And when you refuse to sleep, Mom has no choice but to leave you in your crib, while she takes a time out. Well today the time out was long enough for me to have dinner too. But you were doing so well in the crib all the time that I was eating. I felt so happy seeing you soothe yourself away to sleep. But just when I got up to put the dishes in the sink, you woke up from your cat nap and starting crying 😦

Now there is this really ugly but effective method called CIO (Cry It Out) and I want to try and avoid that as much as I can. But if your night time tantrums don’t stop and you give Mom more and more trouble at bed time. Then we will have to go that route. Dad has already signaled his approval for the method. Mum is weak. And so when you started crying today I could not resist but pick you up and sway you to sleep.

Sleep is when you grow up sweetie. So if you fight sleep how will you grow up? And if you don’t grow up fast then how will we have alllll the fun that Mum has been planning for you? Now I wish there was some way I could wrap all this gyan in a pill and give it to you. But I know that’s not possible. So I am giving you another week to get your sleep habits sorted out. I will help you along the way. But we need to work on this missy. And when Mom decides to work on something, you should know that she means serious business and she won’t stop until its done.

You looked so cute wrapped up in your pink sleep sack like a lama. And when you made that troubled face my heart just melted. I seriously know how that feels now.. pure wax like gui gui substance, just like lava, oozing out of my heart..creepy! well may be not creepy – but definitely new. And then when you smiled at me when I tried to get closer to the door to see if you had slept on or not – I was so humorously mad at you. Cutie are one naughty brat and I will not let you get spoilt. Not at all.

Some times I feel like this whole motherhood thing is so cool. I feel like I am meant for this. And then there are days when I feel like a child myself, suddenly responsible for this even smaller child. And I wonder if I am just wingin’g it or is there any method to this cute madness.

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