Let’s start eating

 Dear Tara,

I think I have admitted to you about my future planning habits. Well let’s just say I get easily stimulated by what lies ahead and I like to gain as much knowledge as I can about it so that when the time is ripe, so is your mom 🙂
Now the next thing on your mom’s agenda.. apart from a brand new job … is your solids phase. I know we are a month away (or may be even more) but I am all thrilled about it. I am looking forward to mashing avocados and steaming peas for you. We will also eat sweet potatoes and lentil soups and mashed bazookas. Yeah that’s how excited I am. I even invented a new dish for you. But I can only try all these dishes once you are a wee bit older. So grow up missy. Fun is about to start.
Imagine how much fun it will be to play with all sorts of food. Peaches, apples, bananas, mangoes and water melon and what not. Il even grind some rice and dal and try that. Wow yum yum yum 🙂
Just so you know I have already bought some food gear. You know stuff I will need to make your food and store it and serve it in. I know you will make a mess when you start eating and so this weekend I am going to make your dad mad by suggesting yet another modification to the living room set up.. Glee glee glee!
Ok darling … Truth is Mum is a lil stuck in the past. She did not want to leave the job she has finally decided to leave. And she is so bummed about it. 
She is excited about the future. And she is happy to have landed a job really close to home and with an employer that really fits her work style. But that’s a few weeks away. So in the meanwhile to distract myself from what I have let go of, I am spending my time reading about your solids phase. Don’t be surprised if I start reading recipes of baby food to you some time soon.
Ok honey bunny small and sunny time to go to bed :)). 
P.S. I love blogging while you are feeding. It makes me feel so close to you. I hope that my feelings are reaching you live and fresh  🙂
Good night

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