That giddy feeling when you are in a meeting with one of the women you always looked up to when you were a newbie to Google. Her leadership style was very authentic. No bookish management fluff. Plain, simple, talk with a learner’s mindset. Always asking questions. It was so great to be in a meeting with her and the fact that she did faintly recognize me.

And a great hour spent listening to another such woman who just spent an hour of her precious time with me and yet I am so inspired by her style. She was doing a Q&A on DEI and her honesty was quite refreshing. I even wrote to her after the session. She made a great point about being a leader who happens to be a woman and being a woman leader. I don’t know what it means to be a woman leader. And I worry of that tag will make me a misfit in the world I exist in.

You need to see women leaders around you to feel inspired. I got my dose today. These women likely had to struggle to get where they are. And I bet it is still not rosy for them. But they inspire women like me. Kudos to the tribe!

On to other things / like the delicious Pav Bhaji at lunch 😉 and the new way to make yogurt in IP that cut down the time by 1/10th literally! And the joy of home made dahin:)

These were calling my name to make some rasam. So I did 🙂

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