Cupcakes & Popcorns

Back on the run schedule. Felt so good. Pushing my limits. To become better. Not to make something else better. Investing in myself does not come easily to me.

Enjoyed some unchartered territories at work. When it comes to connecting dots I am usually pretty good. Sometimes I get blind sided by my optimism. But I felt challenged today and needed help. These days I love when that happens. Because if I need help, it means I will learn from someone. And I really do like to learn from people around me.

At home, Tara and her one liners kept us entertained. She reminded me to add the Peter Rabbit story to the logs. “Or it will skip my radar”. She hears me say things and the says them back to me. Too cute. We enjoyed cupcakes at 3pm and popcorn at 5pm. And she said, “now no more snacking or you will mess up dinner.” Right!

Guilty as charged

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