birthdays are coming…

Tomorrow we go back to work and school after a 10 day break. Although we arrived back in Bay area late Friday night, the vacayness of our schedule continued. So tomorrow is really our first day back from our summer vacation.

This break was likely one of the more refreshing trips we have taken in a while. Sometimes you need a vacations after a vacation. But not this time. Our batteries are charged.

It’s birthday time in a few weeks. And unlike other people my age, I still care a lot about birthdays. Simply because I use them as a milestone when I measure myself against who I was a year ago. Have I become more patient or less? Did I learn something new? Did I meet interesting people and did I keep up my relationships or did they wither? Did I help someone grow? Did I pick a good habit in the last year? Did I get better at time management? Did I write more or less? Did I spend time doing things I love, with people I love? Did I make new resolves? Did I learn new cuisines? Did I come up with a cooking hack that saves 3min in making quinoa 🙂 And most importantly did I share insights from my success and my failures with the world at large? Was I consuming or creating? Was I giving or taking?

I will be answering a lot of these questions, and asking some more over the next few weeks. FUN!

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