murshid and hafiz

I learnt two new Arabic words this weekend. Murshid (a guide) and Hafiz (a guardian). I played with these words in my mind for a few minutes and decided that if I had to pick between a guide and a guardian, I’d pick a guide who can teach me to guard myself. I fell in love with the subtle differences in the two and realized how well they describe a father – he is a guide and a guardian. So to all the Dads who are the murshid and hafiz of their offsprings, happy father’s day!

Usually Father’s day comes with a certain degree of gloom for me. But today we converted gloom to full bloom, all thanks to the game of cricket.

Last night while we were catching up with Dadu Dadi we found out that there was an India Pakistan match today. I realized how disconnected I am with the world these days. Sigh! Cricket is the one thing that unites India, and Indians across the globe. How could I let this opportunity go by. What followed was a quick Sling TV subscription, and almost real time – Whatsapp and Facebook commentary. Agam could not care less about all the excitement I created, but Tara surely caught on to the mood, and we enjoyed, what she later called – the “episode” of blues and greens where blues always have to win. And the further the ball goes from the pitch, the more points you get. This was my definition of cricket for Tara. When I told her that Dadu, Dadi, Nani, Massi, Musa, Cousins, everyone is watching the same “episode” she also felt the connection and started sharing my enthusiasm. 😀

I plan to keep this excitement going until July 14th, or before if India gets kicked out of the tournament early. They played so well today. I absolutely loved Kohli and Dhoni’s chemistry on the ground. One can tell who is the murshid and who is the murid among the two.

I am in Seattle until Tuesday. And there is a part of me that wants to take a stroll to Storyville an grab breakfast there tomorrow morning. It will be such a grand start to the day. May be I will. It opens up at 7am 😀

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