January is for JOY

Yikes! January is coming to an end. Already?! Well the good news is that magnolias are blooming all around Bay area. I love magnolias for two reasons – they are so strong and so beautiful. Usually flowers are so fragile, short lived, and dainty. I prefer the stronger one’s. Tulips over roses, Birds of paradise over orchids. Simple joys!

Today I was super happy to see the team back from all their work related travels. We hardly spend anytime in our cubes, but empty chairs are so depressing. So I was excited to see everyone back. And to celebrate we ate sugar all day. Yep – cucpakes (I ate a whole cup cake, minus a bit of the cream after a very long time. It was delicious), almond pastries, and sweet treats from Manila and Taiwan. But the good news is that this morning I found a running track close to work. So all the sugar has to pay for itself soon! Ah! Simple joys 🙂

More simple joys – Tara asked me why Summer is called summer. I told her I don’t know, but I will find out. So I started looking at the etymology of summer, and to my surprise found its roots in Sanskrit word, Sama! Whoa – who knew?! Things one learns after becoming a parent.

Talking of parenthood, it’s been a few stressful days. If there one thing I could change about Tara, it is for her to show some interest in food. For foodie parents like Agam and me, she is quite the opposite. Despite her getting to choose her lunch menu every day, she does not finish her lunch box and that makes me super mad. I put in a lot of labor (of love and effort) every morning to make her lunch, and there are days when she just doesn’t bother to eat. Agam is right. She should get PB&J every single day and that’s it. But I cannot make myself do that! Grrr! I wish she was not so stubborn. But then what was I expecting? I gave my Mom such a hard time with food, and this is my penance 😦

Anyways, January is coming to an end, and I have quit coffee (on weekdays), and not sipped any alcohol. More simple joys!

We are watching The Good Place. It is meaningless humor, but cute. And we finished The Kominsky Method. It was awesome! I am close to finishing Why I am Hindu, and I am very glad I did not judge the book by its cover. Yet another – simply joy!

And here’s the last and final simple joy – live in the present. The closet writings were depressing and distracting, and not at all joyful. May be I am influenced by Marie Kondo’s focus on JOY. Anyways January was Joyful. On to February soon. Hope it is Fun!

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