Why we do what we do…

More closet writing. I drafted a response to the recruiter at Google who confessed to me that the role I was eventually taking is a step down for me, but the hiring manager is still interested if I understand that, and if I am interested in pursuing it. Here’s what I wrote to him. This was my ‘Why?’ and I still stand by it.

Hello J, I really appreciate you sharing your concern with me. Although I think a phone conversation might be better, I want to share with you a couple of reasons why this position is a strong fit for me professionally, and on a personal note for my family’s needs at the moment.

I always aspired to play a PM role in tech, and followed that diligently at Salesforce. But work profile at Salesforce has become more engineering focussed and there is limited business interactions since that is now handled by BSAs on my team. As much as I enjoy leading engineering teams through software development life cycles and combing feature backlogs, I very much miss the proximity to business processes and the thrill of providing solutions that make these processes more efficient and scalable. The role you propose, offers an opportunity to play the role of a translator between business needs and technology features without being knee-deep in technical development.

To help build systems that enable Support Operations at Google is definitely an interesting challenge that I want to take up. From what I can gather, the team is tasked with developing/enhancing a CRM system that serves business’ interests across Google’s product offerings. The diversity of these products will make this CRM system one of its kind. That along with the scale of this system makes it a very interesting puzzle to solve.

On a personal note, my daily commute to San Francisco keeps me on the road for three hours a day. A job opportunity in South Bay has been on my list and I am only now beginning to look at opportunities in the area. In fact your outreach served as a good reminder about equally exciting opportunities that can be found closer to home.

I have closely observed Google’s culture as a Google spouse for the last four years. I have enjoyed learning about the transparent, employee-focussed and innovation-driven culture at Google through my husband and I see myself as a good fit in this environment. My friends who work at Google have often asked me why I don’t apply to Google and I must credit you with finding a role that is befitting my skills and interests.

I understand that I might have to make some trade-offs in terms of my current portfolio, but the possibilities I see for personal development, exposure to support operations at Google, and a better work-life balance make this an attractive opportunity for me.

As a new Mom, I am still learning to make these trade-offs, but being at home with my daughter at a reasonable time, and to be part of her growing years in a more hands on way, is a top priority for me at this point in life. I trust that Google will calibrate my skill set appropriately, and I will catch up to my current portfolio in a few years.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you find suitable, I want to proceed with this role and the team.

And so I did.

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