Immaturity to Maturity

It is a sense of moving forward. You know how when you are in college, you are very much just living the present. Enjoying the present. And then that gets over and you want to spend as much as you can, gather all those materialistic things which you eyed other people enjoying and wished .. oh when will I get to spend on this stuff. And so you join a band wagon of people who are collecting these items. You set up a house, a living style, you add stuff to it, you culture hobbies, you spend on those hobbies and then you get bored of those hobbies and so you pick a new one and spend on it.. and cycle continues. You are in prime of your youth, spending, living, loving and maximizing on life.
In midst of all this you choose this someone whom you think you can live a life time with. Well lets no go that far. You love this someone, you want to spend time with him/her. You dream together, work on a relationship and make it grow and it is all happening in parallel with the other fast tracks of life. You will never get to live this phase again – so you make the most of it and you love being a part of it. But somewhere at the back of your mind you know life is not JUST this. There is more to it. You start reading philosophy and history and stories of how mind works. You toy with the idea of existentialism, realism, Ayn Rand makes most sense to you. You read NYT Op -Eds like the Bible, you blog, and you hold intelligent discussions with your peers and you see how some of them are at par with your level and some are still struggling to find a reason to BE. You start noticing how people think and you judge people based on that. It is all happening in parallel with all the happiness life is showering on you – and then you realize – this has to slow down. This has to slow down NOW. If it does not slow down now , I will burn in this heat. And then you wait , take a break, roll in life – just like you roll in bed sometimes just before waking up. The sun is shining bright and it is hurting your eyes but you hide from it, use a pillow to obstruct it – It is the same feeling – Reality is on your face and you try to hide from it and you want to delay it – but it ain’t happening buddy. The time has come and the time is NOW. To make the move from Immaturity to Maturity.

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