Movie Reviews : Entre nos and Arranged

Netflix is awesome. It is my source for uncommon, foreign movies, that have in their own way added a lot to cinema – but since they were not commercially successful – or charmers like Slumdog Millionaire – no one really knows about them. 

The two movies I want to talk about here are – The Edge of Heaven and  Arranged. Both of them are unique stories and have an excellent cast. It is the quality of the script and the story that takes the movie further.

The Edge of Heaven is a German-Turkish movie , with subtitles. An engrossing tale of five characters, the virtual bonds they share and their shared destiny. Arranged on the other hand is set in Brooklyn, NY – it is an English movie with Zoe Lister Jones. I have to mention – her acting in the movie is extraordinary. She is accompanied by Francis Benhamou – who I thought was very fresh and backed her charming presence with good performance.

Good Cinema is always more refreshing than a good book – wonder why ?

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