Seeing the complexity

 A certain CEO looked at a company’s project plan and said –” if it is this complicated , we are doing something wrong.”. When I heard about this my mind did an analysis and here was my thought process map– unless and until we accept the complexity involved in the task at hand, how can we estimate the time it will take to complete it. How can we be confident in our plan if we live in a world of denial and refuse to handle the complex issues. It is thus the understanding of the subject and acceptance of the degree of it’s complexity – that should fuel our actions and give us the confidence in determining timelines and roadmap.

2 thoughts on “Seeing the complexity

  1. Well, I happen to have different thoughts on the topic. I am a trained software designer who is taught to avoid “unnecessary” complexity in designs. There are multiple ways to do anything..say write a project plan. Some of these ways can be rather complicated. It is always advised to try multiple options, weigh their pros and cons, and always choose the least complicated option. This does not mean one lives in a world of denial…infact he is just a better architect.


  2. I completely agree. But one must appreciate the complexity to be able to look for simpler solutions. In this case, the certain manager refused to see what his teams were dealing with. He refused to understand that it really was a complex situation. And though everyone , in their own way was trying to break it down into simpler, more meaningful blocks – his denial of the complexity acted as a de-motivator to many.


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