Fresh Start

I started this blog almost an year ago to record some of my favorite readings. I was less aware of this Googlastic world then. In due course of time I have come to appreciate the utility of Google Reader to solve the purpose of recording your favorite readings over time.  If you have not yet, get your self a Google Reader account.

You know all those times when you start following a blog and bookmark it in one browser , but did not find it when you need it coz – uh oh – you are in another browser now. Or for that matter a columnist of NYTimes that you follow – but hate going to NYT since it is crowded with ads and other distractions. Google Reader is THE solution to such problems. And nope Google did not pay me to write this.

I digress.. so since I found another way to save my interesting readings, this blog became a little obsolete. My blogs are like my plants – I love tending to them. So here I am, back with some comments on this world that we live in – this over complicated, analytical dunk that surrounds us !

I will also port some entries here from my other blogs, just so insanity stays in one place .

Stay tuned

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