My morning

Empty streets , chairs turned upside down, closed signs on all shop windows, crisp spring air, music in my ears, sunshine peeking in through the narrow roads and lighting up establishments in a sequence – one by one, they turn bright. Windows reflecting beams of sunlight, glow appears. I think I hear footsteps, other than mine. A young runner paces ahead of me.

I, rudderless, again. Two concrete choices I made. (1) I don’t want to be working for a for-profit organization once Tara is in college. I owe back, and I will pay back on my own terms. (2) I want a new goal. A new direction, one that I choose. I need a filler for the next 11 years. It will be what completes me – makes me a well-rounded leader.

Sunshine warms my face as I sit down outside 1oz, and sip my Gibraltar. I close my eyes, he appears. Tears roll down. Was I seeking his permission or blessing or neither? Can’t tell. He smiled, I did too. It was good to see him clearly after 12 years. White hoodie, red and brown striped shirt, black lacquer glasses, and a wide forehead, shining.

And then, a voice in the background, “ You can do this. One step at a time.”

I open my eyes, a little baby, learning to walk, finding her way around the coffee tables. Her Dad right behind her, guiding her way.

My morning .

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