And it’s a wrap!

And we are back home 🏠! After a drive along the coast that felt shorter than it seemed on google maps when we were getting started. A few pit stops along the way at Cafe Aquatica and Spud Point Crab Company in Bodega Bay, and lots of wild flowers in full bloom made the extra miles worthwhile.

And that was a wrap for our much needed, and super relaxing spring break. I can get used to these week long breaks 🙂 I plan to take them every year with Tara 🙂

Travel makes us think big and broad. It opens up our horizons. We expand our views and absorb more of the untold, and the unknown and that gives us the ability to comprehend the world better, connect more dots, and sometimes simply take a break. I’m glad we took the time to decompress, soak in the ocean air, and explore the small and delightful town of Mendocino! On to more adventures, post vaccine.

Came home to a surprise! I had pre ordered Murakami’s latest short stories back in October last year. And here it was – waiting for me at the door step 🙂 When it rains it pours – I have 4 books to read – and all the time in the world. I am beginning to practice the mindset of “in abundance” instead of “in scarcity”. 😝

Meanwhile – my favorite character from the Crown has died. Now, I don’t know Prince Philip and his character in reality. But if he was anywhere close to his portrayal in the series The Crown, then the monarchy lost a sane head of the family. He was 99! There is no reason one should live that long. Unless of course they are the royals. And that he was. Whatever that means in today’s context. Now the world will indulge in more drama and the royals will have their moment of attention, for no good reason. But kudos to a man who respects his wife’s sense of duty, and ushers her and his family from one storm to another. A man who realized he will always be in the backdrop, and yet is the advisor to the queen. He would have made a good chief of staff – and that he was for the royal family!

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