Beer garden date with my best friend, while Tara was at a play date. We roamed the streets of downtown like old times and enjoyed chilled Hefeweizen in a decently warm yet breezy afternoon. Our first date since the pandemic. Hope there are more.

The best thing about marrying your best friend is that underneath the marriage banner are two souls who cherish each other’s company, silence and advice. We exchange theories, share wish lists, talk about near term and long term plans. Discuss what drives us forward. We share without any fear of being judged. We love to hear each other’s perspectives. Even though it’s different than our own.

Somewhere while managing routines, handling chores and being parents, we let the friendship take a back seat. Only to bubble up on days like today to remind us of choices made decades ago, that are the foundation of our life.

I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He gives me the space, autonomy, freedom and patience that I need in all my relationships. And he empowers me, from the side, simplifying my choices and decisions on a daily basis, giving me the time and the space to be what gives me true joy.

Thanks, Agam. Love 💕

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