To Delhi, with love

Today I saw the most beautiful sunset in a while, enroute from Delhi to Gurgaon. And the most beautiful full moon in the sky at night, in Gurgaon.

Delhi skies you are cursed by the pollution that blankets you each day. Yet, there are days like today when you delight me with your splendor. Your contrasts are bewildering. But your resilience is inspiring to me.

Under that blanket of smoke, lives hope that only I can see. Everyone around me either doesn’t care or has given up on this beauty that is Delhi. Yet, I insist that your days will come. Your reign will come. And you will survive, and perhaps one day, even thrive.

Cheers to the spirit that defines you and force that brings me to you, again and again. In despair, in awe, in excitement and today, with hope.

I might not be in love with you anymore. But I am hopeful that one day you will turn around.

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