A cup of tea

As I rolled up the blinds, it was foggy outside

The streets were empty, and the leaves were still

Some still yellow, and some brown, and some holding on to their green

The birds were also hiding, not wanting to be seen.

I put the water to boil

And watched the bubbles come to the surface

In a blink of an eye I was by the ocean, my feet covered in foam

Waves crashing against a rock, and then returning home.

I have a strange relationship with the ocean

It answers all my questions, of which I have plenty

And gives me a measure of my happiness and sadness

And from time to time a friend, in whom I can confess

I added a spoon full of tea leaves, and watch them swirl and let go

Soon water became tea, and energy was sucked out of the leaves

I feel like that sometimes, exhausted and drained

But today I just sat down, and looked upon the freshly brewed tea,

Trying not to think of the leaves that had just been strained.

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