Damn jackfruit!

I am never cooking jackfruit, ever again.  To hell with the growth mindset when it comes to jackfruit. I gave it two tries, and they were both such big blunders that I won’t have the courage to buy it ever again.

It all started when we enjoyed a yummy jackfruit dish at a friend’s house. I was inspired by the preparation, and brought home, what I thought, was a decent cut of jackfruit. I cooked it in a tomato based curry. Agam didn’t mind it, but I felt it was very soft, and the texture of kathal that drew me to trying out the recipe in the first place, was completely absent.

I decided to give it one more try. And it was an even bigger disaster. This time the jackfruit was too ripe, and too sweet that when blended with Indian spices it lost all its flavor and texture.

I ended up tossing the entire dish in the bin 😦 I hate it when that happens. I don’t like to waste food. So that was that. No more attempts. I will wait for Mom to pick the right cut of the fruit, and let her make it when she is here. Sigh! So much energy lost over a silly jackfruit. 😦




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