Notes from my run this morning

This morning I went for a 3 mile run around the neighborhood. I am still slow, so it takes me 40 minutes to run this distance. But I don’t believe in competitive running. Running is therapeutic to me. I mix light jogging with some sprints of interval running. And usually I walk the last quarter mile thinking about my day ahead.

Primarily, I love crisp Californian mornings. A tad bit of sweat makes them even more perfect. I have stopped listening to music while running. The world around me is to be enjoyed, not ignored. So I run on the streets, in front of people’s houses, inside the parks, and enjoy the morning hustle around me.

Today, I observed that more than 75% of people on the street in between 7am and 7:45am were women. A good 50% of them were either running, taking a walk or walking their dog. Where were the men?  I was living  a world where there were no men. Just women everywhere. Soon I felt a certain panic. As if my imagination was turning into reality. My mind had turned into an active lab trying to seek answers to a list of unrelated questions –

  • Are women in general more productive in the morning?
  • Is morning the most suitable time for them to spend with themselves?
  • Do men in general like to sleep in late?
  • Do women in general work out first thing in the morning?
  • And on and on and on…

I really did not want my morning to be about these topics. But it certainly became one. I then reflected on the manifesto that is catching the media’s attention and then I thought about Daniella, our new VP of Inclusion and Diversity. What a way to start a new job! Jump into the fire.. and go! I wondered how a male VP in the same scenario would have done. And then I imagined if one should ever have a male VP of Inclusion and Diversity.

Gender differences dominated my morning. Not what I had planned. But I guess we all give in to the environment around us. In one way it’s good to actively think about these topics.

Let’s see what the next run is all about. Until then..



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