Thoughts on "loving your job"

To plan a wedding is quite similar to planning a project – there is a budget, stakeholders, audience, roles and responsibilities, estimations, facilitations and go-lives – and of course – post launch maintenance. So can an IT project manager and a wedding planner be swapped. .. Nope! 

You have to love what you do. Be it the smile that crossed your lips, when a module of code that you wrote, got compiled successfully. Or recognition for your work. There has to be more to it than to leave it at – “alright – this works, my job is done, I am heading out.”  Is it too much to expect more than just compliance from your job ?

Think about it – you studied to get this job. Spent hours studying for exams, and gave up on all the chills of life, to get this degree that enabled you to step into your current role. And now when you have landed it , you don’t even enjoy it ? This syndrome is not uncommon. May be it is our generation that is never satisfied with what we have.

On a similar note – I often hear from people around me how they think they need to do something different – and I have one question for them – “then why are you doing, what you are doing now ?” I am not denying that sometimes people realize what they want to do only after gaining some experience, and exposure to the various realms of the industry. I am simply questioning the real intent of statements like ” I want to do something else .”
I am in a very contented stage of professional life – but who knows, I might come across a phase where I am not liking what I am doing and I start wishing I was doing something else . But the methodology I will apply to my problem will be as follows —
  • first find out what is wrong with my current role  ? 
  • is it something I can control ? 
  • what are the factors contributing to this discontentment
  • Is it a people problem ? or a process problem ? 
  • Is there a fix – Yes/No 
  • If Yes – Fix it – give it a try and see if it works (set a target – don’t stretch targets)
  • If No –  Quit now (make sure you can support yourself for a lil while ) and quit doing what is not making you happy. 
May be it is not as simple as I laid it out – but thats my thought at this hour. And it helps me to get this on paper (I mean web) , so I can revisit it , when I am in need.