To Belong!

We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are. That just explains why my view of the world is so simple, uncomplicated, transparent and if I may say, happy.

Yesterday I spent a wholesome day at work after what felt like a very long time. The entire day was a celebration, with amazing people. My work framily as I now like to call it.

I was back in the groove of 1:1s, as they should have been all this while. Lunches in the cafes. Laughs and giggles echoed in the hallways and meeting rooms. It was an ecstatic atmosphere – joy everywhere.

An extended happy hour at work, talks about everything under the sun, strong cocktails to accompany that, and the company of some of the warmest, and most dedicated people I have come to know. When I think Google – I think of them. My rocks and stars. My anchors and critics.

After washing down the cocktails, it was time for Tara’s School Holiday program. Christmas nativity displays, carols and so many children and their parents all together in a large auditorium.

We sang the carols along with the kids and I felt home. Like I belonged here. It brought tears to my eyes, unknowingly and by then I had spotted Tara in the choir and we started waving frantically at each other, much to Agam’s utter disappointment. Since I was the only parent standing in the middle and waving at my child. 😂

To belong, is a very desirable state of mind. People spend their lives looking for a place they belong. I belong to my people at work, to Tara’s school, to this country, to my country, to Agam and Tara, and to countless kids in the world – all at the same time. I belong, is a power phrase. And I only discovered it yesterday.

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