Rewind 2022


We started the year with gusto to revamp our hiking regimen, and we did pretty well through Spring. We discovered the Foothills natural preserve and several other hikes in the La Honda and Russian Ridge Reserve. I got a colorful canopy for Tara’s room, right above her bed. She loved it! And my wish came true. 


Hikes continued with an exciting afternoon at the Mori Point Trail where Tara showed us her resilience and grit. She hiked for close to four miles and didn’t complain. And with that confidence, we went to 

Carmel to hike around Point Lobos. Carmel is a little haven for GF Italian meals.


It was time to let go of my reliable ride for 12 years – my Basanti. I brought home an equally reliable – Madhuri. We took the day off and went on a fun day trip to Santa Cruz – Loch Lomond Recreation area

And played mast Holi at Jindals.


In April, for Spring break we went to Cabo! The timing was perfect since it was right after my promo. 

Cabo got us hooked on Gin and Tonics, and the trend continues to date…


Amma Papa came to Bay Area in May and Tara was super happy. I had to go for a work trip to Hyderabad, and finally, after 2 years, I met my family. 


For our 12th Anniversary, we took a weekend trip to Half Moon Bay and discovered parts of it we had not explored before. Tara’s holidays started in mid-June and we enjoyed her theater camp as much as her. The end of June brought two things that we had looked forward to for a while – (1) Agam became a US citizen, and (2) we went to Disneyland!


Fourth of July celebrations in Disneyland. Splendid! I had never seen such amazing fireworks in my life. And the rides!! OMG! I did not know I was a Disney Fan! I mean a rides fan. I have never done something like that before and I absolutely loved it. We also so the lego park in San Diego. We met Aseem, Sukanya, Kiaan and Kaysha. 

On the 14th we threw a summer party to celebrate our 39th! I mean who celebrates the 40th? It was a lot of fun to meet our Bay Area family.


Right before the holidays ended, we went to Big Island. It was OK. We relaxed, and enjoyed the pool and beaches, but overall the Island was sort of BIG! Lovely memories were made regardless. 

In August, my Dahlias bloomed. 


A major re-org took shape, my team expanded, and I attended Google’s Women Leadership Program – Polaris. A lot of learning, and made friends for life. In September I also made GF Aloo Paranthas – for the first time. A Punjabi mother’s dream.

And in September I checked a thing off my bucket list – I presented to a room full of people at the Dreamforce. Memories were made. 


October brought Diwali and yet another LDP. And then I became a US citizen. I did not make the usual Diwali ensemble. Instead, we met friends in person, 1:1, and enjoyed lovely meals together. Just some change. 


November is always special, Tara’s 8th birthday, and Kauai. Our trip was blessed, that I know. The divine interventions were special, magical, and giving! 


In December I finished LDP. To groom three new managers, land a re-org, finish the annual plan, run two discoveries, and wrap up two org-wide OKRs, in 50% of my time, while the rest was spent in LDP – was exhausting, a mistake, and burnt me. But I am alive, and heading to India in a week, and that’s all that matters. I also baselined my health after 8 years. Had ignored it while Tara was growing up. All is well, I am surprised. But I will take this blessing. 

2022 was difficult, heavy to process, and unrelenting. The only thing that kept me going was my family – Agam & Tara. The three of us are a solid team. And Team Tara did well this year. Next year – we turn 40, Agam joins a new job, and most likely Tara will be going to a new school. As for me, I am wedded to Google. With so much change ahead, all I ask for is resilience to make it to the other side. More resolutions and milestones to follow… Until then, THANK YOU! 2022! Eternally grateful. 

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