It’s surprising how fast good times roll and how slow the painful days stroll. Take for example the horrendous month of October. It’s already mid November, and time for our annual pilgrimage to the islands. I feel like we go to Hawaii every November to thank them for our lil lady Tara 🙂

She is turning 8! Such a big number. Gosh!

A three day week ahead and then a 10 day break. It’s been extremely exhausting last few weeks. Unrelenting schedules, and pressure of deadlines and what not. Phew! Can’t believe we haven’t traveled since August! Much needed break in my favorite island – Kauai. Back after three years. 🎈

The year has decided to sprint for the next 6 weeks. And I will be sprinting with it. Just taking a short break in November, before going home in December for a nice winter holiday break.

A lot on the mind. Many storms are brewing. Shockingly, my mind has seasons. Or rather it follows the seasons. Winter is for reflection, reset, renewals or revivals. Let the wind blow, let’s see which direction it takes me.


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