Winter sun

Something so comforting about the winter sun, embracing your body. The warmth it creates is so subtle. It’s like how a hot cup of ginger tea touches a soar throat.

I have some jasmine blooming in my patio. Some bougainvillea too. Along with the seasonal roses that grace the occasion from time to time. The dahlias are about to retire for the season. But the hibiscus and lavender don’t show any signs of retreat.

Each of these flower are like my kids. I watch them grow, bloom, shed, and come back to life, season after season. They give me so much hope.

This wasn’t my life ten years ago. I was still on the road. Barely taking care of a single house plant, and figuring out what I called home.

Have come a long way. A charming dinner with family last night. All of us at an interesting point in our lives, no matter how old or young. Sipping away my drink I took comfort in knowing that while I don’t know who I will be ten years hence. I do know that this life we have built together will always keep me anchored.

and just while I was writing this, the winter sun hugged my bare feet like a pair of hand knitted woolen socks from back home.

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