Sometimes we know things and yet we turn a blind eye to them. And sometimes we get hoodwinked. Been in the industry long enough to know when I can and when I cannot trust someone. Yet I sometimes turn a blind eye.

I was shushed today. I don’t even know why. It was brutal. I felt attacked. But I let it go in the moment. Only to come back to it later in the day.

When you shush someone you lose their trust to ever share again. It is your loss. You might not realize that in the moment. But you basically break the social contract of dialogues and debate.

I did not expect much from this individual. But I felt bad for all the people who took notice of the shushing. They were led to believe that their voices can be shushed as well.

I hate to come to this place and write when I am a tad bit disappointed with the world. But I was reminded today that I have not been myself lately – I haven’t been here enough. I have not let it out enough.

I answered six questions and earned my US citizenship today. It’s a milestone. This journey started 17 years ago. But I couldn’t help but hang my day on the way I felt when I was shushed. I wondered if my daughter, who is fortunate to be born in this country, will also be shushed someday by someone. And if yes, then how futile it is to be here and have spent those 17 years in vain. For I could be back home, amongst a billion others who are all being shushed all the time.

Anyways ! It’s not going to get any better here. October is upon us.

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