Reflecting on my energy

I am often labeled “energetic”. It’s not a new phenomenon, but I had not reflected on this feedback since I shrugged it off as a “filler word’ that was used when people could not find another word to describe me. Now, it cannot be a sheer coincidence that several people across personal and professional domains find the same filler word every time, for several years.

So I thought more about it and arrived at the realization that it is not that I have more energy than others, the reason for my constant energy is that my source is easily renewable. Thus I have more of it available to me at any given time.

I am a happy person. I find joy in little things. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am easily amused. I can make two conflicting teams smile during a tense argument with my humor/sarcasm. I just have a lot of fun as I go about my day. You get the picture. I am the one who stops to smell the roses on my way.

It is these moments of joy that become my recharge. These moments evoke positive feelings and emotions, and that releases a ton of energy. And that’s the energy that I reflect. Simple

There are moments in my day when my energy sources get depleted. Like a boring meeting, meaningless debate, politics, wars, and ego wars. But I have harnessed the power of recharging my cells with simple, readily available emotions – like joy.

When we build the habit of reflection and ask ourselves what makes us unique, the results can sometimes be intimidating, and sometimes very refreshing. This was a refreshing exercise.

What energizes you?

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