Stories to tell…

I read to write. Confession.

A good piece of writing almost always leads me to penning down my thoughts. It is an amazing cause and effect relation that I have come to appreciate. I am enjoying Dilbert’s book – how to fail at almost anything and still win big. Such an inspiration!

I was assigned a coach through Google, and over the last four months I have started to reflect on my journey with her. It amazes me how I, out of all the people in the world, can learn to lean on a confidant, who helps me go deeper into my values, my purpose, why I do what I do, and what are the gaps I seek to fill in my life.

I have enjoyed this coach and her tips so much that I am almost sad that our journey is tapering to an end. While our professional topics are starting to run dry, she is nudging me to go deeper into my love for writing. In my professional sphere, I was feeling like I am not holding the strings, and I am a part of someone else’s story. And she has helped me become the player of my own game, with a mindset shift that has helped me identify what I want, why I want it, and how I will get it. Now as we discuss my passion for words, she is nudging me to do justice to a childhood passion, that was neglected in my youth, and is jus a crutch in my adulthood.

I write because I am fully aware of the emotional quotient of my phrases, and the impact they have on my readers. Which in my case is me, since I write to go back and read. (Strangely I read, to be inspired to write).

I enjoy the power words have over crafting narratives of the world. A war can be described brutally, with empathy, or with apathy. Depending on the audience, and the story we want to tell them, we can pick our words and put them to use for greater good. Gurv thinks this clarity of thought, as to why I want to write, is rare. People write to be read. While I want admiration for my writing too, I am no saint after all. I want to write to share narratives waiting to be told. My purpose is to use words to influence the world. She thinks I will truly unleash myself when I meet that purpose.

It’s so overwhelming to hear someone say that to me. My closet self doesn’t want to be labeled by her writing. I feel a lot and some of it can be misinterpreted, misrepresented, and to be honest, trolled. But to have a cheerleader beside you is such a gift.

Truth is that I have stories to tell. Whether I have a readership of greater than 1, should, should not matter.

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