For the love of humans

My most favorite beings on the planet are kids. Each of them, so unique and so gifted. Million watt smiles, starry eyes and energy to match a fission reactor. Absolutely adorable, hungry for love and best huggers. And I got to hug almost 15 of them at our house party on Saturday.

It was so good to celebrate summer with our Bay Area tribe. Some new friends and several old friends and chats that went back decades. It was for the most part a DPS, IIT and Google reunion. Hot day. But the chats, curries and bubblies kept us going.

Quite a Herculean adventure, but then I am up for the challenge and the fact that my attempt to grow business for women owned businesses was fruitful, made the event even more rewarding.

Back to our busy lives tomorrow! But this weekend was dedicated to my love for humans. I am an ardent believer of the human spirit, that needs to be kindled from time to time. Mine was sparkled by the love and energy yesterday 🙂

Blast Off! Go!

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