A working Friday

Let’s recount all that happened in the last 12 hours –

Work meetings from 8:30-3:30, with a 1 hour lunch break in the middle. Cleaning lady came and did her magic. I confirmed the catering, the cupcakes, the rentals, the face painters, ordered last minute supplies, figured out Agam’s car scene, filed claims for all camps for Tara, 1 mentoring call, 1 coaching call, 1 -DEI call, and 2 org design calls, laundry (3 rounds), rearranged furniture with help from Stephanie, moved all drinks to the patio, washed the patio, and cleaned it up for tomorrow. Made dosas, watched Bluey, watched Somebody Feed Phil, enjoyed a beer.

And now – feet on fire, mind in super chatty mode, and eyes are droopy.

Looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

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