Mid-Summer break comes to an end

I am going back to work after a well earned 11 day break. Good news – no P0s. #thankyouteam.

Bad news – I don’t recall my corp password and I am really hoping that my fingers have some muscle memory magic waiting to unfold.

In these 11 days I traveled, cooked, played games, read a lot, finished some nagging chores and built up resilience for what’s to come ahead at work.

I am enrolled in two leadership development programs #thankyouboss. And my team is expanding. Usually this will be reason enough to be worried, but not this time. I am committed to flow with the times and roll with the punches. Fully committed and read to hit the ground running.

I love to take a long mid year summer break to recharge my batteries for the rest of the year. It’s just five months of fire drill and December will be here soon enough for my next long break. In between we have 2 Hawaii trips planned. Umm yeah … need my water 💦

So thankful for the time off – bravos and kudos to my team who keep the show on, and in fact might have even improved the script. Love my bunch.

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