A perfect day 🥳🥳🥳

It started with a fun FaceTime with the family, and a random plan to go play tennis. The randomness got more perky. I decided to ride my bike to the park. Yeah it did not have all that much air in the tires. But that’s ok. We will get to that part.

Agam and I enjoyed a solid game for an hour and as luck might have it, we did not get booted out of the court which is usually booked.

A fun game ended in another FaceTime with family, and then the ride back home. Now the air was really bad. So I walked the bike and enjoyed the walk in my local neighborhood.

Relaxing shower followed by a home made mutton curry, aloo baingan, sumptuous salad and rice. And oh yes, mangoes. And then some gin and tonic with lavender and pepper corns.

A short nap, and then the Rise of Gru! Which was awesome. Another impromptu plan to visit the Gurudwara and then back home.

Dinner was Momos – another favorite, and some strawberry and peach ice cream made at home, with some mangoes.

Oh not to forget my amazing OXO culinary gadgets from the husband.

Between the tennis, minion movie, mutton curry, mangoes, momos, bike ride, g&t, gurudwara and OXO – I enjoyed a perfect birthday with my favorites 🙂

So thankful for a loving family that knows how to jam with me. 🎈

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