Happy 39th to me!

I was born in the morning, and that’s where I get my morning personality from. Tomorrow when the sun rises, I will turn 39. I am not certain why, but it feels like a milestone. When I turned 29 in 2012, I was still grieving my father’s passing. The last decade has been that of recovery, and healing. The pieces are in place, and I am less fragile than I used to be. Still vulnerable, but more reflective than reactive.

The last decade was also about building our family and raising Tara to be the fine young girl she is now. It was about finding my strengths, recognizing my weaknesses. Becoming self aware and creating a stack of skills that I want to lean on, build upon, and invest in as I age.

The next decade is going to be about taking all these data points, and building mental frameworks that help me navigate life. I want to make my health a P0, followed by exposing Tara to the world of infinite possibilities, followed by investing in relationships that lead to happiness within me, and lastly travel the world.

With intense 6-months on the work front ahead of me, I know I will be growing, inevitably, and learning a lot. So I am at ease when it comes to professional growth.

I love that my birthday falls in the middle of the year, giving me an opportunity to reset and act, just in case the new year resolutions don’t pan out as planned 😛 But I know that life does not give you multiple chances, and hence let’s make this last of the 30s count. Let’s make it the one that goes down into the books. From healing to thriving!

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