Happy Father’s Day, Papa 🎈

It’s a tough day. It is every year. But I am certain the star he was in real life, he is now enjoying his presence amongst the real stars. Sprinkling his star dust on those who day in and out fill the gap he has left in my life.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa. While I know you would have been proud of me. You would have been very proud of the wonderful Dad Agam is to Tara. Those two are quite a pair. You would have enjoyed them.

We saw Top Gun Maverick with Tara. And I recalled how I watch the original Top Gun with you. I was little then. Just like us, these two watch a lot of movies together, and they too, have their 1:1 chats about them.

You know, I often wondered who I would have been had you been still around. But I’ve been telling myself to stop thinking about it like that. I am choosing to assume abundance than loss.

While no one can love me like you did. I can love a lot many more in this lifetime, since I am still here, taking the love you gave me and spreading it all around. And in that I find my resolution.

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