A strange day

You will never know for real how you show up for others. The words they associate with you. The way they perceive you and your “almost” madness and chaos that surrounds you.

A colleague referenced me as “Aditi” today. I didn’t understand the reference. So I asked her. She told me that Aditi is associated with the power of being limitless. It was the first time I had heard of myself in that context. I don’t know what it means. But I know she meant it in a good way. I do feel an expanded energy around me these days, beyond comprehension.

Another colleague said that a younger Shivam would have been proud of me today. She has no idea how proud I was of her today. I know she will realize some day! May she be blessed with peace and purpose and passion forever.

It was a strange kind of day where nothing was obvious. But everything was just. When I barely saw the world since my left eye lens dried up at 9am and I lived with it until 4pm when it flew off my eye and I drove back home with one contact lens in the right eye. Almost scared and slowly navigating the back streets.

It was a strange day!

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