JLT Friday

Last Friday was a blessing. We all took the day off to go to Ben Lomond to get Tara’s passport renewed. Well! As it turned out we had renewed it in 2020. And we checked the passport literally 10minutes before leaving.

Basically we remembered that her passport was valid for 5 years, and that we got one made literally as soon as she was born. But we had forgotten that anal me had sent it for renewal in February 2020 immediately after coming back from India. Phew 😅 the passport was sent back to us in June 2020; but we did not recollect that memory. Lol

So the good news was that passport did not need renewal. The best news was that we had taken the day off and we were not going to go back to work 😉

So we accepted God’s will – and added some of our own – and set out for an adventure. We picked c300 as our ride for the day and off we went –

First stop – to thank the Providence for the wonderful day and seek blessings. Gurudwara in San Jose is one of the few places (on this planet, actually) that I find peaceful to sit in prayer.

From there we picked Hwy 17 and drove to our planned destination – Ben Lomond – but not at the post office, but to an Italian restaurant in the middle of nowhere – Casa Nostra. With a redwood circle, amazing food, and ample wine, we were off to a good start.

Then we went for a short hike, 2 miles, in the Loch Lomond recreational area, and on the way back, picked up some gf desserts from La Placa Bakery.

A little detour to enjoy the Henry Cowell Park, and then we were back on Hwy 17, cruising along in my new ride.

Another impromptu plan – pie day!

So we went to Big Basin Cafe – enjoyed a delish peach pie and cherry pie and drove back home – with a heart full of joy and tummy full of carbs 😉

So what was going to be a chores day was turned into an impromptu outing to the lake and woods, mixed with some amazing food and desserts, a very pleasing drive and an equally pleasing hike.

What more could I ask for? Unmm.. May be more wine 😉

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