Basanti .. time to go

It’s time to say goodbye to Basanti – my ultimate machine. Since 2011 she has been my ride. Not a day that I felt like I needed someone else. Always a joyful ride. But lately, Basanti has shown signs of aging. Now I wouldn’t mind that, but I don’t want to spend a summer without proper air conditioning, a reliable cup holder for my ice tea, and not to forget headlights that keep me safe when I’m driving at night.

So it’s time for Basanti to go. Looks like it’s going to me Madhuri next 😉 I don’t care about brands. But I like a luxury car, a sporty ride, and a very comfortable drive. And Madhuri hit a note with me. It’s just a C300. But it will do for me. I don’t like to spend on cars. And this fits my bill.

Basanti has several memories associated with it. My mom loves it. Tara came home in it. Too many to count. But then it’s a car. It has lived it’s life. And I can use an upgrade after 11 years!

Yeah that’s me. If I love something I stick with it.

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