Farewell VC

VC was a critical part of my Google journey. It was her who took the first chance on me. And for that I will always be thankful. She never got in my way of solving world hunger (as we used to call it.) To some she was a control freak. To me she was a companion on a journey, that she saw long before I did. She gave me wings, safety net, and room to operate. I thrived under her.

She coined the phrase – my colorful caravan. She encouraged me to publish a book of poems. She is the first person I had a real career conversation with. She knew I’d switch camps. She didn’t come in my way. She sent me off with a smile and a celebration. To her I owe, whatever happened next.

She checked in on me time and again. She stayed in touch. She encouraged me to find my value, and she reasoned with me when I was astray.

VC won’t be at Google any more. Just like Scotch, Mark, Dasha, Deborah, Abhishek, Ben, and so many others who have added so much color and joy to my caravan.

VC was a good friend, and will continue to be 🙂

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