a restful pause

As you grow old, you seek your kin. I uttered the phrase casually in a conversation, and it has stuck a note with me. Isn’t it true though? Unless, you are me, and you seek kin in every corner, all the time. Definitely something to mull more on. But for now, the world is going back to work tomorrow, while this pandemic rages on. I have an extra day off, and I am going to put it to some good use.

This has been a good break for all of us. We could not travel as we had planned. There were fewer outings, and social engagements. And hence more time for home, and at home. We sorted out schedules, made good goals, and removed some clutter around the house. I took a solid break from work and didn’t cave in to the temptation of getting some work wrapped up while things were slow.

It’s a well rested start to the year, and I like it this way. It wasn’t by choice. But it ended up being a good one. So I am thankful for all the forces of nature that led to it being so.

Heard it on This is Us – Don’t make your dreams smaller to compensate for your circumstances. Raise your self higher to the meet the purpose you set for yourself.

About that show – it might have just ended up saving me some money on therapy actually. But that’s for another day.

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