I wish I was in London. Under the lit up sky, meandering in the lanes of Christmas markets. Drinking hot chocolate, or rather mulled wine, with a cozy cap, a muffler, mittens and an over coat that goes all the way to the knees.

I wish I was in Munich. Walking in the English gardens, with a waffle in one hand, a freshly brewed lavazza in the other. Steam from my coffee cup and my mouth – mix in air and vanish in front of me.

I wish I was in Delhi. Cozying up next to my Mom in a chenille quilt, with her shelling peanuts and pistachios and feeding me while I cuddle up like a cat.

I wish I was in Maui, watching the sunset, bidding goodbye to yet another day, holding my stare long enough until the ball of fire turns into a sliver of sheen over the clouds.

I wish I was anywhere but here. But there is no escape. Sit tight, breathe deep, and be resolute!

London, Munich, Delhi, Maui – I will come. But first I have this winter to tackle.

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