Good old days!

Religion to me is an act of respecting a memory. A memory of my past. A happy memory to that. One that I want to recreate, and re-live, for myself and my family.

To that end, for us most religious festivals are celebrated on the weekends. It was Chaturthi a few days ago. But we are celebrating Gumpati bday tomorrow. We will make modaks, and offer some prayers and flowers to the vighan harta- Ganpati.

I know that the higher being that we all look up to, one who takes several forms, will not be offended by my delay in offering him our love. He has always accepted us with an open heart, and a warm embrace. And he will continue to do that.

Ganesh Chaturthi memories date all the way back to my college days. The vibrance of those days is etched in my memory. The joy and celebrations on the streets of Wardha. It was like Diwali in September. Good old days!

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